Below is a full guide that covers the benefits of perfect fit door blinds, as well as advice on choosing the right colour and FAQs.

The benefits of Perfect Fit door blinds

Perfect fit door blinds come with some key benefits. These include-

  • Full light control – To open and close the blinds, you simply operate a tab on the side. The degree to which the blinds tilt can be adjusted to your preference, giving you complete control of the light in any room where they’re installed.
  • Great for keeping rooms warm/cool – Another great benefit of perfect fit door blinds is being able to control the temperature in the room. This is especially useful during the peak winter and summer months.
  • Easy installation – It’s very easy to install the blinds; you simply clip them on to the door or window frame and they’re ready to use. There’s no need to drill any holes into the frames as is the case with traditional wooden shutters.
  • Completely child safe – The tab operation means there are no cords or ropes to worry about, which could cause a hazard to children
  • Can be used for windows – Another great thing about perfect fit blinds is that they’re suitable for windows as well as doors. You can use them on regular windows as well as tilt and turn windows.

How to choose the right colour

One of the most important things to consider when you’re investing in door blinds is making sure you get the right colour. We have an extensive range of colours available but you’ll need to decide which is right for the room you’re getting them for. Below are some key things to consider to make sure you make the right choice –

  • Coordinate with the existing colours in the room –  The main thing that will inform your choice of colour of blinds is that existing colours in the room where they’re going to be fitted. The colour of your walls, furniture and floor will certainly help you to decide on an ideal shade. The colour you choose necessarily have to be the most prominent colour that’s currently in the room though. You can choose something that’s more subtle and matches the colour of smaller furnishings, such as lamp shades and ornaments in the room.
  • Choose a contrasting colour – Another option if you have a fairly neutral room without too much colour is to choose something that’s bold and contrasting. For example, a deep blue or red shade of blinds can really help to bring life to a room.

Door blinds FAQs

Are perfect fit door blinds good for controlling the temperature in a room?

Temperature control is an often overlooked benefit of perfect fit door blinds. Keeping them closed during the summer months can help to keep a room cool. During the winter, you can reduce draughts in the same way and help keep the room warmer. With energy bills rising all the time, it’s always useful to be able to control the temperature in a room without relying on central heating or air conditioning.

Are they safe to use in a home with children?

Yes, they are extremely safe. The tab mechanism used to open and close them means they’re no cords or strings that could pose a strangulation hazard to children.

What colours are available?

We have an extensive range of perfect fit door blinds that come in many colours. Some available colours you can choose from include –

  • Chalk white
  • Gloss white
  • Ash
  • Grey
  • Mushroom
  • Glacier
  • Indian yellow
  • Honey
  • Peach
  • Melon
  • Soft brown
  • Brick
  • Russet
  • Scarlet

These are just a few of the colours we have and no matter what the style of the room you want to use them in, you should have no problem finding the ideal colour.

Are perfect fit blinds only suitable for doors?

Although perfect fit door blinds are perfect for aluminium and upvc doors, they can also be used on regular windows, tilt and turn windows and French doors.

Are perfect fit door blinds practical to use?

Yes, they are extremely practical and once they’re fitted, it’s incredibly easy to open and close them through the use of the tab at the side.

Are perfect fit door blinds easy to maintain?

Perfect fit door blinds are very easy to maintain. They’re lightweight and easy to fit, so if you need to clean them, this is not an issue. For simple dusting, you can use any good anti-static duster. To remove more stubborn stains, you can use some detergent and a damp cloth.

Can anyone fit them?

Yes. One of the big benefits of perfect fit door blinds is that they can be fitted easily, even if you have no DIY experience. Unlike some other types of blinds, you won’t need to drill in any holes in to the frames of your doors/windows to fit them. You simply clip them onto the edges of the frames. This means they’re not only very easy to install, but you don’t cause any damage to the woodwork in your house either.

What advantages do they have over wooden shutters?

Perfect fit door blinds come with some unique advantages compared to wood shutters, namely that they’re easier to install, safer for use in homes with children, easy to clean, come in a wide range of materials and are suitable for use in most homes and conservatories.