Below is a full guide to perfect fit blinds, including their benefits, how they compare to wooden shutters and some FAQs.

The benefits of perfect fit blinds for a sun/garden room

  • No damage to window or door frames – A big benefit of perfect fit blinds is that you don’t need to drill into window and door frames to fit them. The simple clip-on design avoids the need to damage your frames and still provides you with all the benefits of blinds in your sun or garden room.
  • Wide range of colours – Perfect fit blinds also come in a wide range of colours, from more muted shades in white, beige and cream to bolder shades, including reds, blue, pinks, purples, oranges and greens. No matter how your room is decorated, you’ll be able to find something that fits.
  • Safe for children – Another key benefit of perfect fit blinds is that they’re completely safe for use in homes where there are children. There is no cord that could pose a strangulation hazard; instead the blinds are controlled using a simple tab on the side. This means you can use them in any room in your house and don’t have to worry about them posing a danger to your kids.
  • Full light control – The tab operated slats give you full control over the amount of light you want to let into the room. This is great for creating the perfect ambience and also preventing the sun from getting in your eyes on particularly sunny days.
  • Excellent insulation – You can also use perfect fit blinds to keep a room cool during the summer months and warm during the winter. The blinds provide excellent insulation and can help you save on energy bills, which is always a plus.

How do perfect fit blinds compare to wooden shutters?

Wooden shutters are the main alternative to perfect fit blinds and while they do have some key advantages, a lot of people now prefer perfect fit blinds due to their practicality, ease of installation and affordability. Some of the key benefits of perfect fits blinds when compared to wooden shutters are –

  • No drilling into frames required; simple clip-on design
  • Available in a huge range of colours
  • Suitable for use with many types of doors and windows
  • Easy to clean
  • Very affordable

As far as downsides go, there are a few, such as –

  • Not as hardwearing as wooden shutters
  • May need to be cleaned more often

Perfect fit blinds FAQs

Can you use them for windows as well as doors? Yes. Perfect blinds can be used as both window blinds and door blinds in a sun or garden room. They’re very easy to fit and the wide range of colours available make them a perfect choice. Can perfect fit blinds be used in conservatories too? Yes. Although the types of materials used for windows and doors in conservatories tend to differ compared to sun and garden rooms, you can still use perfect fit blinds for them thanks to the easy clip-on design. Are they suitable for use with any windows and doors? They’re suitable for use with many types of doors and windows, including

  • French doors
  • Bifold doors
  • Standard windows
  • Tilt and turn windows

Some door/window types can be an issue, such as certain types of sliding doors, where the blinds can get caught. However, the majority of doors and windows are a good fit. Are they easy to clean? Yes. Perfect fit blinds can be easily cleaned and dusted as required without having to worry about damage or discolouration. The dust them, you can use a good anti-static duster to get between the slates and clean the frames. For more stubborn stains, it’s recommended that you use a damp cloth and detergent. How hard are they to fit? Perfect fit blinds are incredibly easy to fit, even for people with little or no DIY experience. Providing you get the right size and are sure your windows/doors are suitable, it’s simply a case of clipping the blinds onto the existing door/window frames. Once they’re fitted, you simply open and close them using the tab on the side. Are they child safe? Yes. There is no cord or rope with perfect fit blinds, which means they’re an ideal choice for homes where there are young children. How do I choose the best colour? When it comes to choosing the best colour for your blinds, it’s a good idea to take the current look of your sun/garden room into account. Things like the colours of the walls and floor can help you to decide on the ideal colour as well as the furnishings in the room. Below are a few tips to help you make the right decision

  • Take the size of the room into account – Sun and garden rooms can vary quite a bit in size. If you have a smaller space, then it’s often a good idea to go for lighter colours, such as whites and beiges. This can give the room a more spacious feel.
  • Choose a contrasting colour – You don’t always have to pick a colour that matches the walls or furnishings in your room. If you have very simple, light colours in the room, then a bold, contrasting colour can work very well too.
  • Ask friends/family – Your friends and family might be able to advise, especially if they have a sun or garden room or have gotten blinds themselves recently.
  • Consult an interior designer  – Another option is to hire an interior designer to help you. This doesn’t just need to be for blinds but for the entire look for your sun/garden room.