How to Measure, Assemble and Fit Perfect Fit Blinds

The video guide below applies to all Perfect Fit Blinds and shows you how to measure and install your Perfect Fit Blinds.

Measuring Guide

Tools needed:

  • Metal tape measure
  • Credit Card
  • Pen and Paper

Steps to follow:

  1. Using a good metal tape measure, measure the visible glass upto the the rubber gasket across the width of the window,  Measure the top, middle and bottom and take note the smallest width in millimetres, Frame Depth.
  2. Now measure the drop of the visible glass up to the rubber gasket, Measure in 3 places again and note the smallest drop in millimetres.
  3. The frame depth is measured from the glass, straight out towards the edge of your window frame. The best way to do this is use a straight edge, like a credit card overhanging the frame onto the glass, and measure up from the glass to the card. This measurement is your frame depth. You now need to measure to frame depth to the glass, using a credit card, place on the frame over the corner of frame and measure to the glass and take a note of the measurement in millimetres. The following is the bracket size required for the depth that you have measured.
    • 15 mm to 18 mm – 18 mm bracket
    • 19 mm to 20 mm – 20 mm bracket
    • 21 mm to 22 mm – 22 mm bracket
    • 23 mm to 25 mm – 24 mm bracket
    • 26 mm to 31 mm – 30 mm bracket
  4. Take a note of which side you prefer your operating wand, we would suggest having wands on the inner of the opening of your doors, but the choice is yours.
  5. You can now enter these measurements into our measurement calculator and check your measurements again before submitting.


Things to Consider

20mm or more between the opened doors as each perfect fit frame protrudes 10mm x 2 as one on each door

  • The bracket which slides between the rubber gasket requires a 10mm depth behind the rubber gasket to secure properly. carefully slide a sharp knife in between the glass and rubber beading to ensure that there is at least 10mmdepth.
  • If your beading surround width is greater than 26mm then the Perfect fit Frame may not cover your beading completely and it may not sit flush on your window frame.
  • Unfortunately, if your window is externally beaded or sealed with glazing tape, then it will not be possible to install Perfect Fit Blinds.
  • For bifold doors there must be a distance of 20mm or more between the opened doors as each perfect fit frame protrudes 10mm x 2 as one on each door.
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